Thursday, January 16, 2014

Avoid The Four Big Reasons People Fail

What keeps a person from really succeeding?  Let me start with a story.  Legend has it that Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson wanted John Paxson to shoot more.  What did Jackson do?  He told Paxson he wanted him to miss at least 3 shots a game.  Jackson wanted Paxson to fail more times per game.  Fear apparently kept Paxson from shooting enough.  Paxson responded to the direction to fail and the Bulls wound up winning 6 NBA Championships.

What about you in your business, where do you need to fail more to succeed?

Fear of failure keeps many from reaching the success that is possible for them. Here are four big reasons people fail and how to avoid them.

1. Giving up too soon.  Most people give up just before they would have succeeded.  Just be determined and when things aren't working adjust, don't give up.

2. Headtrash.  That noise in your head that says I'm not worthy of this success.  Learn to identify this noise and tell it to go away.  Also, don't watch or read things that promote this idea.  Headtrash is often promoted in movies, music, books, etc.  Especially online people complain about things like the government and in reality they are excusing failing and not trying.

3. Fear of Failure.  Not trying!!!  Fear of failure either is a great motivator or a great discourager (my new word).   The really successful go for it in crucial moments and they know they could fail but they go for any way.  Michael Jordan claims he missed 26 game winning shots.  But you probably only remember his 6 championships.  Check out the commercial that was created about his failures as his reason for success.

4. The view of a failure.  Avoid feeling sorry for yourself when something does not turn out like you wanted it to.  Instead view it as succeeding in learning something.  Edison failed over 10,000 times in an attempt to create the light bulb.  How did he view these failures.  He said: "I have not failed. I just found 10,000 ways that won't work".

So go ahead and fail so you can succeed.  Rise above the headtrash and reach your potential.  Aren't you glad Edison did.

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