Monday, January 20, 2014

Seven Reasons Why You Should be Investing After Tax Dollars!!!!!!!

Investing Is For YOU!!!!!!!

It's time to put your money to work for YOU.  Your tax return should show dividends, interest or other investment income.  Why? Because investments are opportunities to make things happen for you now and into retirement.

Seven Reasons Why You Should be Investing After Tax Dollars:

  1. First, you are doing all the work.  All your income comes from you.  Your money can be working for YOU and bringing YOU more value.
  2. After tax dollars that are invested won't get taxed again while the money in retirement accounts will be subject to tax when you take it out and likely at higher tax rates.  Yes the profits from your after tax investments CAN be subject to taxes.
  3. When you decide to open your own business you will need money to get it started.  Having after tax investment money is the ideal source to fund a new business.
  4. You need money set aside for emergencies.  While this should be liquid money it should be working for YOU. 
  5. YOU are the BOSS.  Having after tax money invested empowers you giving you control over your life rather than being a victim.  
  6. You are planning and making things happen.  You have a plan, a budget that includes savings/investing.  So you are not waiting for a miracle, you are making it happen.
  7. You feel good about what you are doing and are making healthy life choices.
Take charge of your life.  Investing after tax dollars will empower you to have more choices and control over your own life choices.  This will cause you to be more lively, more joyful, and to live your life rather than let life dictate terms to you.  Making money working for you will give opportunities to do things for yourself and others.

Investing is for you.  Create another life for yourself, a life of power, impact, and control.  You can do this by putting your after tax dollars to work for you.  Start today.  One measurement that indicates how you are doing is your tax return.  A CPA can prepare a tax return for you but the CPA Superhero will prepare your tax return(s) for you and empower to use what it says to take charge of your life and make more things happen for you.

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