Monday, March 24, 2014

Things That Will Make You Money - Number 1 - Persistency

It has been said successful people do things others won't do.  What are those things?  One of them is persistence.  I have noticed that "the swift do not always win the race" but the persistent usually do.  The persistent often out perform the more talented.  Why?  Because they get that it is a numbers game and the talented frequently can be out worked.  So you don't have to be the best but be the most persistent.

Specifically, people with very little skill succeed and outperform people with skills because they talk to more people (or they write more blog posts).  In fact the really successful are like machines in that they talk to every potential customer.  They even do many things wrong but they succeed because they work at it and they "go for it" all the time.

If you are in business or starting a business, a better mousetrap or better and less costly food is not going to make you rich.  Persistently talking to people who can use a mousetrap or who eat will result in money in your pocket.

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