Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Things That Will Make You Money - Number 2 - Consistency

It has been said successful people do things others won't do.  What are those things? Consistency along with persistence will make you money.  Together these two will create familiarity.  Whether it be blog posts or attending networking functions or making appearances, consistency will create familiarity.

Now while familiarity can be cultivated on the first meeting success more often comes after several meetings.  So at a networking function, for example, on your first visit you are a stranger and people may be hesitant to trust you.  But as you see the same people over time they begin to see that you have something going for you.  They may not know what it is but it must be important enough for you to come back again and again.  Eventually the consistency creates more and more familiarity and people get more comfortable with you and more likely to do business with you or refer you to others.

So consistency really works when you put yourself before the same people over and over again. Think about your own habits.  Don't you prefer to go to stores or people you are familiar with. People will setup a newsstand and stay there forever knowing that the familiarity breeds success. Combine that with persistence and you have a dynamic recipe for success.

"Location, location, location", yes location is important but familiarity through consistently being in the same place or in front of the same people will result in money in your pocket.  What you want to avoid is the pursuit of getting rich quick and when it does not happen then changing to another location or networking meeting.  Success is cultivated over time with consistency. Rather than going to different networking functions each week go to the same function consistently and develop the familiarity that leads to trust which leads to business success.

The great thing about consistency is that you don't have to be flamboyant or really creative but the consistency over time itself will create familiarity.  If you are also really creative or really interesting that is a great combination but just being consistent will often beat creative and flamboyant over time.

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