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10 Surprising Keys to Success When Starting a Business

How do you succeed in business.  Often it is not the greatest idea, product or service but it is other factors that determine success.  Stop me if you have heard this one...We are going to serve better food and bigger portions at cheaper prices. Alcohol is recession resistant so we are going to buy that local bar that went out of business.  The business landscape is cluttered with the failure of great ideas and the success of ideas that make you go hummm. 

There is the guy that started selling burgers that weren't very good and made a fortune.  A pizza company offered OK pizza at premium prices and made a fortune.  The oldest and most profitable automobile manufacturer sells way way fewer cars than the "big boys" but has never filed bankruptcy and makes way way more money than the "big boys" and has the longest and richest history in the industry.  

In addition to a great idea and sometimes instead of a great idea; here are 10 things a business needs to succeed: