Thursday, July 31, 2014

In Business Too - Bears Make Money, Bulls Make Money, But Pigs Get Slaughtered

In Business Too - Bears Make Money, Bulls Make Money, But Pigs Get Slaughtered

Investors know that "Bears Make Money, Bulls Make Money, But Pigs Get Slaughtered".  In business too this expression applies.  Experienced business owners know they have to have their business ready to weather the storm of a down economy.  At the same time they need to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves when the economy is growing.  This requires a real skill to manage the swings especially in regard to labor so that the business does not get too fat during upswings and too thin during down turns.  The same thing applies to inventory and operating expenses.

But also "Pigs Get Slaughtered" in business too.  "PIGS" are after as much as they can get at any moment and can only see immediate gratification.  "PIGS" don't see the long-term value of relationships and reputation.  At times  "PIGS" do get fat but it is when "PIGS" get fat that it is time for them to get slaughtered.  When people catch on to a "PIG" as someone that is deceptive and word spreads quickly then the "PIG" looses his business and his reputation.

To avoid getting slaughtered and to achieved sustained success over a long period of time businesses and business owners have to really serve others.  Rewards come with serving and integrity.  Dishonesty and fraud lead to getting slaughtered and or jail time.  With taxes you want to pay the least amount possible but you need to be in compliance with the requirements or eventually it will catch up to you and if you are lucky you will just get slaughtered financially.  In many cases the government will pursue the fat "PIGS" for everything they have and give them jail time.

The thing with "PIGS" is they want to have it all at the expense of others.  They will break the law to avoid paying their rightful share of taxes that contribute to community needs.  "PIGS" view the world as having a scarcity of resources and if they don't get and keep everything they will die. So "PIGS" will cheat you and society in general.  

On the other hand, genuine people that care about others can see the abundance that really exists and they want the best for others. Genuine people have an abundance and help others have an abundance and they do not have to worry about getting slaughtered or jail time for violating the law.

So see the abundance of possibilities for you and your business than you can attain by genuinely serving others.  Yes, Bears Make Money, Bulls Make Money, But Pigs Get Slaughtered.

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