Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Things That Will Make You Money - Number 7: Serve Others

Really successful people do things that other people will not do.  One of those things is serving others or making it about them.

The best phone solicitation ever went like this:  
Hey Jeff, how is it going?  
Me: Ah, OK. 
Just OK.  Seriously, I know a guy like you is more than OK.
Me: Who is this?

The point. If you lead with I want to sell you something then you are dead in the water.  You are leading from a horrible position.  Instead, get to a position of strength by finding something out about the person.  Be someone that others want to talk to.  Dale Carnegie taught that you want to start by talking about something the other person is interested in and a genuine compliment helps. So when starting a conversation ask yourself how can you provide some value to this person. Many times you will have nothing because you don't know the person.  So then find something out about the person.  Find out what they are interested in and what they need and talk about serving them. I guarantee if you do that first and continually then people will be open to conversations with you and they will ask you what do you do.  That's right, they will want to hear your story or your pitch. 

In the example above the person went to the trouble to find out my name and they used it.  They also started by asking about me.  Their approach was so unique I asked the caller a question. They were able to open the door to conversation.

Do the things others won't do to succeed. When you start a conversation your goal is to develop a long-term relationship. To get there you want the other person to ask you questions. That is an indication that you have gotten somewhere with them.  Don't be in a hurry to sell, take time to develop a relationship.  Your goal should be to serve and when you can do that then everything else will take care of itself.

You will thank me later.

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