Thursday, July 10, 2014

Things That Will Make You Money - Number 9 - Silence Limiting or Defeating Thoughts

No "Headtrash" Allowed

Really successful people do things that other people will not do.  That includes what they think about. What goes on in our mind has as much to do with success or failure as the product or service we offer. What we have in our mind about ourselves affects who we are, our posture, our confidence and even what we do and how we do it.  Much of the programming of this world is designed to implant reasons for failure.  Someone wrote a book called "Headtrash" and I love the title because it conveys the reality of the situation. We need to keep "headtrash", limiting beliefs, out of our minds and consider healthy thoughts. It takes a focused effort to accomplish this.

When you talk about your business or your idea consider what you hear back.  Consider what the entertainment you watch or listen to tells you.  Does it encourage you and let you know you are good enough or does it work against you and make you doubt yourself and or your idea.  You may find you need to help people with their perspective or regulate who you talk to about business. Some are so hardwired to think that they and no one they know can succeed outside of a certain realm.  So we need to recognize when conversation is a detriment and when it helps and make sure we are getting a healthy message.

Healthy Versus "Headtrash"

There is a big difference between healthy constructive criticism that is designed to help us and just plain criticism that is designed to limit our thinking about our potential. It is very important to develop the ability to tell the difference. "You might want to think about this option" or "consider will you get a proper return on your investment" is very different from "that won't work" or "you can't do that". Some people have been programmed with "headtrash" while others get what you want to do. Help and support are very healthy and sound and look very different from "headtrash".  Is that thought or idea helping or hindering you?

Recently I started to listen to music that I listened to years ago and I found so many limiting beliefs in the lyrics.  So much propaganda that there are conspiracies against us keeping us from succeeding.  It is a catchy tune but the "poor us" and "those that succeed must be bad" ideas are not helping.

So be aware of the thoughts that are being presented to you and what you allow yourself to think about and try to identify healthy and unhealthy thinking.  You may want to study other articles and books that go more in depth on the subject.  What a business person is after is a mentality that he can succeed and helpful and healthy thoughts and ideas.  Get rid of the "headtrash" and create an environment where it is not tolerated.

Success and Failure

Just because you have healthy thinking does not mean everything you do will work.  In this world it just doesn't work that way but there are always helpful ways of looking at things and unhealthy ways of looking at things.  When something doesn't work you want to avoid unhealthy ideas which discourage you so you won't try anything ever again.  You can learn to recognize a healthy way of viewing things that don't work at a particular time.

Think about this. In my favorite sport, baseball, succeeding 2.5 times out of 10 might get you "a cup of coffee in the big show".  That means failing 7.5 times out of 10 is good.  If you succeed 3 out of 10 times you are a star and more than that and you are a superstar.  So failing 6.5 times out of ten and you are super.  Just keep that in your mind.

The guy in this picture is Miguel Cabrera and in 2012 we failed 6.7 times out of every 10 attempts at hitting and he was the best player in baseball that year.  Not only that be he was so successful he won the triple crown which was the first time anyone had accomplished that feat since 1967.  So when you fail sometimes just remember succeeding 3.3 times out of ten is greatness.

Do what most other people won't do to succeed by silencing thoughts that are limiting or defeating.

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