Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Things That Will Make You Money - Number 12 - Recognize the Hidden Value

Recognize the Hidden Value

Really successful people do things that other people will not do.  Many of these things are very valuable but most people think they are a waste of time because they don't result in revenue right now. So what are these valuable things?

Consider a conversation with someone who you know will not buy your product or service...at this time.  They want something. Do you care what it is? Why should you care? What will happen if you take an interest and help them get what they need or want?  Most people get really frustrated when they can't get what they want. If you don't have what they want and you help them find it anyway they will appreciate your efforts.  It is really simple. When you help someone even if it does not result in revenue for you or your business you have created value for that person. Many times that person will recall what you did and either they will come to back to you or they will refer someone else to you.

As you provide value you develop a name for yourself and that will result in value coming back to you. The trick is to recognize the value in serving others. Have a mindset that looks for or recognizes value and the opportunities that most others don't look for. It is a mindset of generosity that needs to be developed. When you recognize the value with that mindset then you will find yourself making friends, as Dale Carnegie taught, and that will eventually pay off for you.

So develop a mindset that recognizes value in helping or serving others.

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