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5 Accounting Indicators To Drive Your Business to Success

Most business owners have a feel for how their business is doing but really successful business owners can tell you five accounting measurements that drive their business.  

1.  RevenueFor all businesses revenue is a key driver for success, but it is relative.  That means that revenue as an indicator is relative to the past and to your market.  Is your business doing more revenue than it did last period and last year?  Is your business doing well for the market you are in? Plastic surgeons in Dallas should be doing much better than their peers in any other part of the world. Finally, how is your business doing relative to the amount of time you have been in business. Start-ups typically start out slow and build up to a mature level of business.  Good business owners not only have a feel for their revenue but they know what their accounting reports reflect relative to the past, their market, and the maturity of their business.

2.  Your Margin  What is the margin on your products?  To hav…