Thursday, July 16, 2015

How To Schedule Success?

You have heard you need to plan to succeed or you are planning to fail.  You also know that "someday" is code for never.  Like when someone says "hey, let's do lunch someday" it is really code for "it will never happen".  To make it happen you have to schedule it.  It is the same with success, since someday is just code for never, you have to actually schedule it.  How do you schedule success?

The world is setup and programmed for people to be too busy.  People actually like to say "I'm too busy" whether they are or not and some actually like to be too busy.  Are you too busy to succeed?  Take a look at what is really important and make sure you are not "too busy" for those things. The first step is free yourself of the limiting thinking that I am too busy.  Just stop that noise from going through your thought process.  Stop saying it and stop scheduling it or planning to be "too busy".  You can create a life where you are not too busy for what you really need to do. It means determining what is really important and scheduling it.

How to Schedule Success

To schedule success, schedule the things that you need to do to succeed. Schedule what is in your formula for success including the things you really don't want to do. For example, schedule time to investigate ideas.  Here is what happens, when you have an idea and you just leave it in your mind it can get away from you. You may even find yourself later thinking what was that idea I had the other day.  Rather than let it get away from you, schedule it.  Get a calendar and put it in there.  Simply put a half hour in schedule to look into "idea A".  Then when you go to sleep at night and you wake up wondering what was that idea you can go right back to sleep knowing "hey, I scheduled it" ...  it's in my calendar ... and it will come up soon.  Getting ideas into your calendar gives you a shot to capitalize on those ideas rather than losing them and fretting over it.

Schedule making contact with people (networking) but put in specific people to contact and when and why.  For me personally my success in my business is directly connected to conversations. The more conversations I have with people the more successful I am going to be. So I schedule calls, emails, etc. for specific people on a regular basis.  It is a good idea to schedule a follow-up when you first make contact with someone if you want to stay in contact going forward. Schedule it even if that means just scheduling a request to have a conversation.

My success to is also linked to sharpening the sword by training and investigating. In this part of my formula for success more ideas are generated and they are scheduled. The new ideas then need to be investigated and they may lead to something specific and they often leads to other ideas.  As I get these ideas to be investigated into my calendar then they basically compete with one another for attention and a place in my schedule.  The ideas that excite me are in my calendar for the next week if possible.  Others get pushed out and may eventually get deleted.  But all ideas that have some possibility to me are alive in my schedule. If they stay only in my mind it is likely they will die there.

There are always ideas that are not practical for the near future but they should still get scheduled.  You can schedule those ideas out into the future so they pop-up later and you can decide if now is a more realistic time to look at it.  If so you start the beginning steps and if it looks promising you schedule several steps. If it is still not a good time or you are not ready yet you can keep moving it out in your schedule but it is still alive in your calendar so it's still a possibility.  Each possibility potentially means something of value of to you.  You get enough possibilities in your schedule and how you feel about yourself and your prospects begins to rise.  As your self esteem elevates then the real possibility of considering some ideas to make them a reality increases.

Another key event to schedule is the follow-up. Schedule follow-ups for people you meet and messages you leave, like emails. Prepare a course of action if they don't respond and schedule it.  If you don't prepare for a non-response then opportunities and perhaps critical activities fall through the cracks. After leaving someone a message or email schedule a follow-up.  If they have not gotten back to you contact them when you schedule reminds you to.  If they did get back to you then delete the follow-up event from your calendar.

Schedule Everything

To make the schedule work it helps to put everything in your schedule.  Exercise, reading, answering emails, social media, returning calls, projects, regular jobs, paying bills, etc.  If you just get on social media or check emails whenever it can take over your life and ruin your chances for success.  So schedule them.  I schedule checking emails and messages a few times a day and take care of them all during those times and the rest of the time I focus on what I have scheduled.


Guess what happens when you schedule everything. Even if you don't feel well and you can not think of what to do it is OK because you scheduled it when you did feel well and you don't even have to think about it ... you just do what you scheduled.

In my calendar I can setup reminders to be either emailed to me or to popup on my computer screen. So when I have appointments I set reminders for a day or an hour ahead of time, just before I am scheduled to check my emails.  That way I can get a timely reminder during the day.

Planning to succeed by scheduling the things you need to do to succeed will provide results for you and enable you to sleep easier.  If it's in your schedule it is a live possibility for you. Remember it is the little things that most people don't do, like scheduling success, that determine long-term regular success.

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