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My Books are a Mess: Business Owners and Quickbooks

Successful People Do What Others Won't Do. Often that means doing what they don't really want to do. If it was easy, everyone would be a success.

Why are my books a mess?  Why do I have a bunch of transactions in Unapplied Cash accounts?  It is common for small business owners to struggle using QuickBooks and have some undesirable results.  To really succeed in business you need to get a handle on this.  How and why does this happen and what is the fix.

Why Does This Happen
In this situation the problem is not what it appears.  The problems starts with a focus on entering transactions and neglecting to look at the end product.  Many business owners check the bank register but don't regularly look at their Profit and Loss Statement and even more seldom is a review of the Balance Sheet.  What happens is QuickBooks is being used to track activity in bank accounts and manage invoices and payables and maybe payroll but it ends there.

Failing to look at the end products, the Prof…