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Make It About Them

Successful people do what others won't do. Often that means doing what you really don't want to do. If it was easy, everyone would be a success.

Doing what others won't or don't do is really simple to get business and establish your brand. So forget everything (well most everything, except Dale Carnegie's stuff) you have been taught to do and consider this experience.

The best phone solicitation ever:

Hey Jeff, How is it going?
Me: Ah OK.
Just OK. No seriously, I know a guy like you is more than OK.
Me: Who is this?

The point; if you lead with I want to sell you something then you are dead in the water (hung up on, end of conversation). That is a horrible way to position yourself to begin a conversation and it is just unfriendly. Instead, get to a position of strength and friendliness by finding something out about the person. Be someone that others want to talk to. Dale Carnegie taught that you want to start by talking about something the other person is interest…