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Engage People In Conversation and Notice How Everything Gets Better For You!

Want Better?

Do you want your business to do better? Do you want better service? Do you want to avoid being embezzled? Then engage people in conversation.

Initiate Talk, Communicate Better?

I frequently mention, the more people I talk to the more business I get. It is more than just talking as a reaction it is engaging people in conversation as an initiator. In reality I get better service because I engage people in conversation. When it comes to embezzlement, one of the primary reasons why people steal from their employer is they feel underpaid and/or underappreciated. So communicate better, Initiate Conversations With People, to get Better business and service.

Start Talking

So how do you communicate better by engaging in conversation. It starts with hello. It starts with just talking. Then stay there and figure out how to get a conversation going. People expect hello but they come to life when they realize you want to engage with them. 

Reduce the Chance of Embezzlement

To reduce the chan…

Who Is Watching Your Business? Someone Is. Hopefully It Is You.

Who Is Watching Your Business A few employees from the office went out together for dinner and a movie. It was interesting when the charges at a local restaurant and movie theater showed up on the next business credit card bill. It was reported to me as suspicious and I took it to the owner. Upon investigation it looked like the employees from the office had charged their night out on a company credit card. But how did they do that? Had the owner given them permission? No, he had not. It was discovered that one of the accountants had, without authorization, requested an additional credit card which she used for personal expenses.

Later, at tax time, a local tax-preparer called to ask about an employee's W-2. I could not give information about an employees salary but the preparer found two things interesting. One, some one from the firm I worked for would come to him to have their taxes done rather than have them done in house. Second, the salary and of course the taxes withheld s…

Knowledge is Power: What Do You Know About Your Business?

Knowledge is power. How is your business doing? Can you talk about how much you have sold and how much profit you have this year? Do you have a good idea how much taxes you will pay this year? The answers to these questions obviously should be yes but you need meaningful and accurate business financials to know these answers. I can help you to get this information and have this knowledge, power, at your fingertips or at a click of a mouse or touch of a screen.

While my main business is preparing income tax returns, I have seen most business lack the information needed for their business to prepare an income tax return and the ability to convert that information into knowledge to make good strategic decisions about their business. To address this need I offer help for business owners to get this information, understand it and make strategic decisions with it.

Call me for my help to get you empowered with this information and converting it to knowledge to help you make decisions that w…

How To Get Accurate and Meaningful Reports to Manage Your Business - Have An Effective Bookkeeper

I recently published a post on "My Books Are A Mess". In this post I will address how can you get accurate and meaningful reports to manage your business and also how can your bookkeeper check their work to make sure it is accurate. Everyone wants to produce good work and being empowered to identify problems and fix mistakes will enable your bookkeeper to become proficient at their work and take pride in it.

How the Problem Happens
First, realize that even accountants aren't immune accounting errors. Years ago, in corporate accounting, part of my responsibility as a financial analyst was to make sure the accounting was correct from period to period. So I learned how to spot problems and figure out what the cause was. The interesting thing was that those doing most of the entries were college educated accountants. It is not surprising that they or anyone else would make a mistake but it is shocking that they did not catch their mistakes and just downright dumbfounding whe…