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How To Get Accurate and Meaningful Reports to Manage Your Business - Have An Effective Bookkeeper

I recently published a post on "My Books Are A Mess". In this post I will address how can you get accurate and meaningful reports to manage your business and also how can your bookkeeper check their work to make sure it is accurate. Everyone wants to produce good work and being empowered to identify problems and fix mistakes will enable your bookkeeper to become proficient at their work and take pride in it.

How the Problem Happens
First, realize that even accountants aren't immune accounting errors. Years ago, in corporate accounting, part of my responsibility as a financial analyst was to make sure the accounting was correct from period to period. So I learned how to spot problems and figure out what the cause was. The interesting thing was that those doing most of the entries were college educated accountants. It is not surprising that they or anyone else would make a mistake but it is shocking that they did not catch their mistakes and just downright dumbfounding whe…