Need to File Years of Tax Returns - Trouble?

Revised: January 2, 2020

If you are behind and need to file several years of tax returns then this might be a picture of you. At least that is probably how you feel and should feel. The IRS has a growing list of people that have not filed tax returns and they are in pursuit. If you haven't heard from them yet, you will.

You need to get into compliance with the IRS and do it now. I help clients all over the world to get into compliance and resolve issues with paying their taxes. The first step is to get into compliance by filing your back tax returns.

I help people all over the world to file tax returns and resolve issues with the IRS, like dealing with taxes due.

First Thing You Need to Know

The first thing you need to know is it is probably not as bad as you think. I have often seen the face pictured above only to find things were not as bad as my clients thought. Several times they came in with IRS notices about how much they owe, only to find out they actually got a refund. You may or may not have a refund coming but the only way to find out is to move forward with preparing those returns.

What is Worst Than Not Filing Your Returns

The worst part is the burden you carry knowing that you are required to file those returns. Burdens, like these, keep you from being you and from being as productive as you can be. In addition, the worrying can literally make you physically sick. So let's take care of those burdens.

Well, there is something worse than the "worst part" because the IRS is in "hot pursuit" of non-filers.

Get Some Help

Most in this situation need help just getting motivated to get everything together so I can prepare their returns. The key is getting started. Can you say 1 - 2 - 3 Go? Once you get started the burden starts to lift off your shoulders. You just need someone to remind you or get on you to get moving to free yourself up from this mess. That is where I come in. But to help you, you need to contact me to get the process started.

In some cases, we may need to request transcripts from the IRS to get the tax information that others have submitted for you. In other cases, it is a matter of going through bank and credit card information to get your business income and expenses. Either way, it can be done, so let's get started.

Incentive and Regular Help (Added January 28, 2019)

I just finished doing back tax returns for a client and found it very helpful to have brief weekly phone calls to talk about issues getting the information together and setting up processes to account for their businesses income and expenses going forward. I know it is easy to put your taxes on the back burner, so these weekly calls can help you to move forward with getting your returns done. Remember, the sooner you get caught up with your tax returns the sooner you can move forward in life and business and get a plan if necessary to pay off your taxes or in some cases get them reduced.

Penalties and Interest

Yes, you may owe penalties and interest for past due amounts but not if you don't owe any taxes or get a refund. So let's get your returns filed to find out. There may even be some remedies for penalties once you are current with your tax returns.

The penalties for late filing and late payments can mount up to 50% of the tax due. There may be things that can be done about the penalties but first we need to get your returns filed.

What if I Owe and Can't Pay The Amount Due?

First, we have to prepare your returns to find out what the results are, so let's start with that. But know that you have options to deal with any amounts that you might owe. One, it may be possible to  arrange an installment agreement with the IRS. Two, you may qualify for an "Offer in Compromise", where the IRS will consider reducing the amount you have to pay based on your circumstances. Either way, guess what, we have to prepare all your tax returns before those options can even be explored with the IRS. 

Get Some Relief

Get some relief by contacting me, The CPA Superhero, today to get the process started. You can email me at to arrange an initial conversation to discuss your situation. Remember, while this seems like a really bad situation to you, I have been through numerous times and I can help you. So email me today to arrange an appointment to discuss your situation.


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