Anxiety and Tax Problems

You Need HElp

There are a few stories about helping clients that I tell frequently and I just realized that is who I am. These stories are about clients who are very anxious. Several of my clients overcame their anxieties enough to call me for help. Many of these had not filed tax returns in many years and had a growing weight on their shoulders because they needed to file and make arrangements to pay their taxes. That is what I do and who I am. I help people overcome their anxieties and get those tax returns filed and make arrangements to pay their taxes.

Are You a Dynamic Person With Problems?

Are you a dynamic person who needs a stabilizing influence or presence to help you achieve your goals or for now just to take care of your tax situation? The CPA Superhero is your guy. My story, my history screams out Jeff, the CPA Superhero, is your tax guy. Really if you have a simple tax return you need to file and life is simple then I am not your guy. But if you are dynamic and have issues or need something then I am your guy.

I am Your Guy - ONe of My Stories

What is the story? There are several stories but I'll start with a good friend who I have done business with. He is a very dynamic guy and seems to have it together but there are always problems. One day I was in his office and his mom walks in and introduces herself and I introduced myself and right away she says "so you are the one."  Not a question but a statement.

My first thought was - What? What one?

She told me without knowing me and without any real conversation, "you are my sons grounding influence". Her son since then has started a business totally different from what he was doing at the time I met his mom and he has successfully franchised that business.

You may be saying but I am not that guy. I have problems. Well, so did my friend. At that time my friend had huge problems. He was working for someone who really frustrated him and he had a friend who also really frustrated him and we won't go into his family. All I did for him was be a friend and we talked a lot about his problems and he overcame many of them and became really successful with his business and is helping a lot of people. So if you have problems and have to file and pay U.S. income taxes and need help, then I am your guy.

Uno MAs Historia

Let me give you one more story. A lady with serious anxiety issues called me about her tax situation and explained that she needed to file years of returns and pay the taxes. Of course, people ask me all the time "how does this happen" that someone needs to file years of tax returns. It happens because people have problems. That is life. Sometimes it is a divorce, the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, or life just happens. For this lady she had problems following the death of her husband. That anxiety had caused many other problems and because someone told her about me she called me and I helped her.

She had financial problems on top of her tax situation. And here is the thing, when people need to file years of tax returns the tax preparer needs to get paid up front because if they have not paid the IRS they won't pay their tax guy either. But making that upfront payment is like committing to taking care of their tax responsibilities. In the case of my client she told me she did not have the money to pay me. So I worked with her and took half of the payment upfront instead of the whole thing and she borrowed the upfront half. Then she paid the other half a month later and I started her tax returns right away but I finished her tax returns after she had paid the other half. Today, she is in compliance with the IRS, has paid all of her taxes, and now has some financial security. Don't get me wrong, she still has anxiety and is kind of a mess emotionally but I still do her taxes and listen to her go on about her anxiety. Sometimes it drives me crazy and sometimes I tell her I have to end the call otherwise I have to charge her more. Well, that is who I am. The CPA Superhero is that guy. Not the charging more part but the listening and helping part within limits. The CPA Superhero helps taxpayers with their tax issues and the issues that go along with the tax situation and life in general.

So you have anxiety or other issues and you need tax help. Then I am your guy.

I have other similar stories but now you need to contact me and let's get started in alleviating the weight on your shoulders from your tax burden. I help people get caught up with filing tax returns and help them make arrangements with the IRS to pay those taxes. So contact me today using my contact information below to arrange an appointment and let's get going.

The CPA Superhero


Be careful when reading about tax law and its application, including my articles, because the wording and definitions are such a challenge and are influenced by writers perspective, specifically his own clients situations that he is mindful of and other situations the writer is not thinking of. The point is talk to your CPA about your situation and circumstances and don't rely on or make conclusions based on articles you read, including articles form, because concepts and definitions are not very clear, and of course, they are subject to change. Now is the time to be having discussions about your situation and developing strategies for you and your business. Again, contact me using my information above to discuss your situation. I help business owners all over the U.S. and in foreign countries with their tax returns.

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