The IRS is sending agents to your home - If you are a high-income taxpayer who has failed to timely file tax returns

The IRS posted a notice yesterday of their intent to send agents to your home if you are a high-income taxpayer who has failed to file tax returns.

Who can expect an IRS agent to come to their home?

The IRS indicated the following people can expect a visit from an IRS Revenue Officer:
They "are those who generally received income in excess of $100,000 during a tax year and did not file a tax return with the IRS."

Late Filing for Which Tax Years?

The IRS stated:
"IRS revenue officers across the country will increase face-to-face visits with high-income taxpayers who haven't filed tax returns in 2018 or previous years."

Why are they "visiting" people at their homes?

The IRS stated:
"These visits are primarily aimed at informing these taxpayers of their tax filing and paying obligations and bringing these taxpayers into compliance."
and Paul Mamo, the Director of Collection Operations, Small Business/Self Employed Division added:
"The IRS is committed to fairness in the tax system, and we want to remind people across all income categories that they need to file their taxes. These visits focusing on high-income taxpayers will be taking place across the country. We want to ensure taxpayers know their options to get right with their taxes and avoid bigger issues later."

The Message?

The IRS stated:
Taxpayers who exercise their best efforts in filing their tax returns and paying or entering into agreements to pay their taxes deserve to know that the IRS is aggressively pursuing others who have failed to satisfy their filing and payment obligations.

Your Best Option?

The IRS stated:
"Taxpayers having delinquent filing or payment obligations should consult a competent tax advisor before waiting to be contacted by an IRS revenue officer, Mamo said. "It is always worthwhile to take advantage of various methods of getting back into filing or payment compliance before being personally contacted by the IRS."
I help taxpayers get into compliance with the IRS and avoid a visit at their home from an IRS Revenue Officer. The first thing we need to do is file your delinquent tax returns and get current on your payments to the IRS. Then we need to resolve your tax debts. You may qualify for an offer in compromise, an installment agreement or other resolution options. 

If you have not filed tax returns or have tax debts then you need to contact me and let's get started in alleviating the weight on your shoulders from your tax burden. I help people get caught up with filing tax returns and help them make arrangements with the IRS to pay those taxes. So contact me today using my contact information below to arrange an appointment and let's get going.

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