High Income Non-Filers Need to File ASAP - Field Collections Still Ongoing


If you are a high-income nonfiler you need to file those back tax returns as soon as possible. The IRS put some collections efforts on hold during the pandemic but the pursuit of high-income non-filers was not put on hold. Revenue Officers can still pursue high-income non-filers.

Back in February I wrote about the IRS announcement that they intended to send agents to the homes of  high-income non-filers.  Given the tax gap and the collection potential of these cases, individuals who have not filed past tax returns have to read the writing on the wall and know the IRS is coming and probably sooner rather than later. To add fuel to this fire, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) recently reported "the IRS did not work 369,180 high-income nonfilers, with an estimated tax due of $20.8 billion. ... (and) the remaining 510,235 high-income nonfilers, totaling estimated tax due of $24.9 billion are sitting in one of the Collection functions's inventory streams..." 

Act Now

Needless to say there is much to be gained from pursuing these cases and you can imagine these nonfilers will soon be contacted.  If you are one of these the time to act is now. You want to get out ahead of this and avoid potential criminal action against you. The IRS recommends:

"Taxpayers having delinquent filing or payment obligations should consult a competent tax advisor before waiting to be contacted by an IRS revenue officer, Mamo said. "It is always worthwhile to take advantage of various methods of getting back into filing or payment compliance before being personally contacted by the IRS."

I help nonfilers to get into compliance with the IRS and avoid a visit to their home from and IRS Revenue Officer. One thing holding nonfilers back from filing their tax returns is fear of the amount they will owe and fear of not being able to pay the tax due. I also help taxpayers to negotiate payment arrangements with the IRS via Offers in Compromise, Installment Agreements, and other settlement avenues.

Being a nonfiler creates a burden for the nonfiler because they know this has to be dealt with and this can cause significant anxiety. The way to deal with it is to take action today. So contact me today using my email address below to arrange a consultation via a phone, Zoom, or Skype call.

The CPA Superhero


Be careful when reading about tax law and its application, including my articles, because the wording and definitions are such a challenge and are influenced by writers perspective, specifically his own clients situations that he is mindful of and other situations the writer is not thinking of. The point is talk to your CPA about your situation and circumstances and don't rely on or make conclusions based on articles you read, including articles form irs.gov, because concepts and definitions are not very clear, and of course, they are subject to change. Now is the time to be having discussions about your situation and developing strategies for you and your business. Again, contact me using my information above to discuss your situation. I help business owners all over the U.S. and in foreign countries with their tax returns.

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