Need to Renegotiate That Installment Agreement With the IRS?

Renegotiating Installment Agreements

With the current economic conditions taxpayers in installment agreements with the IRS may be wondering if their installment agreements can be renegotiated. In the current environment it is certainly possible that installment agreements can be redone with the IRS if you have had a significant change in your circumstances. A call to the IRS might be able to get this done but it also could and probably will get complicated. In some cases the IRS may call for financial information to redo the installment agreement. In other cases where you don't have income at this time there may be other options to be explored to either settle your debt for less or negotiate a lower monthly payment for now that will be reviewed later by the IRS to see if you can begin paying more when your income improves. 

Compromising an Offer in Compromise

Also, if you have an Offer in Compromise with the IRS a compromise of that compromise is allowed and specifically stated as a provision in the Internal Revenue Manual. 

Arrange an Appointment for a Consultation

The times we are living in are very unusual and in many cases negotiations with the IRS will require creativity and exploring new avenues to settle tax debts. These can be stressful times for taxpayers and negotiating with the IRS can add to anxiety. For me it is what I do and I can help you to try to get a different settlement with the IRS. So contact me today using my email address below to arrange a consultation via a phone, Zoom, or Skype call.

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Be careful when reading about tax law and its application, including my articles, because the wording and definitions are such a challenge and are influenced by writers perspective, specifically his own clients situations that he is mindful of and other situations the writer is not thinking of. The point is talk to your CPA about your situation and circumstances and don't rely on or make conclusions based on articles you read, including articles form, because concepts and definitions are not very clear, and of course, they are subject to change. Now is the time to be having discussions about your situation and developing strategies for you and your business. Again, contact me using my information above to discuss your situation. I help business owners all over the U.S. and in foreign countries with their tax returns.