Filing Your Back Taxes - Whatever Comes, Just Don't Stop


"Whatever Comes, Just Don't Stop"

You have all these years of back taxes to file and all the fears and other negative emotions that come along with them. There are always reasons why you can't start or can't keep going, but really those are just in your mind. Well, they probably are real and they are excuses that could hold you back, but really you don't need  to stop. 

In all aspects of life things come up and your mind tries to tell you you cannot continue. There will be one thing after another. That is just life. For example, Phil Knight found one obstacle after another to making Nike what it is today. Even though at times it looked like it would fail and it felt as though he were looking over a cliff with no escape he and his team kept going because they were afraid to stop and afraid to fail because the alternative scared them to death. They were going somewhere, like runners they were going forward. 

"Whatever Comes, Just Don't Stop" is a quote from Phil Knight about his journey with Nike. Read the book and you will realize the biggest obstacle for him was getting started. Once he did he did not stop although for a while he tried to put it on the "back-burner", but because he had started, it impelled to continue forward. 

The biggest obstacle for you to get caught up on your back taxes is getting started. Once you get started it will impel you to keep going no matter what comes up or where it leads you. It is a journey that may not lead to a shoe company but it will open up your life to you and who knows what possibilities. Like everything else in your life what pleasures you find in the process you will find them from within. Each step of the way in resolving your back tax situation can be looked at as pleasures and gains. The alternative to getting starting and continuing should and will scare you so you keep going. 

Don't feel like you can't do it or that you are a failure. Consider the other things you have done. You know what, you can do this too. I am currently working with a hand full of people that need to file years of tax returns and pay the taxes. All of these people are accomplished people in one way or the other. I can only imagine what they will be able to accomplish once they have put their back taxes behind them. Like the guy on the bike in the picture they will briefly look back and say I am glad that hill his behind me. That will be you too. You just need to get started by contacting me to arrange an initial consultation about your situation. 

Initial Consultation

We will plan out the strategy to move forward given your situation and plan the next steps. You will feel better and you will be impelled to keep moving forward. To help you keep moving forward, for a limited time only - for the rest of this year, I am charging only $500 for the initial consultation. After 2020 the fee will go back to $1,000. From the initial consultation you will know what the plan is and the $500 can be applied to any work I do for you to resolve your back tax situation. So the consultation is really free because the $500 will be applied to the work I will do for you in this process. But the $500 gives you added incentive to keep going. It also tells me you are serious about doing this. 

Contact me today using my email address below to schedule an initial consultation. You will feel better that you took that first step and then even better after the initial consultation. Start now to remove that weight on your shoulders and get free to live your life.

The CPA Superhero


Be careful when reading about tax law and its application, including my articles, because the wording and definitions are such a challenge and are influenced by writers perspective, specifically his own clients situations that he is mindful of and other situations the writer is not thinking of. The point is talk to your CPA about your situation and circumstances and don't rely on or make conclusions based on articles you read, including articles form, because concepts and definitions are not very clear, and of course, they are subject to change. Now is the time to be having discussions about your situation and developing strategies for you and your business. Again, contact me using my information above to discuss your situation. I help business owners all over the U.S. and in foreign countries with their tax returns.

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