Owe Back Taxes - Need to File Back Tax Returns - Feel Better - Move Forward


Feel Better

You can feel better about yourself and your back tax situation even before you actually file your returns. This is common among my clients following an initial consultation. Typically they will tell me they feel better already.

The anxiety and other negative emotions that go with neglecting to file your tax returns is a heavy weight. My clients typically feel better after an initial consultation because on that consultation I spend time getting to know them and their situation and I explain how the process works and what I need from them to move forward. So far all of these clients have been surprised to learn there is a strategy involved for their situation and it is not just a matter of filing all these tax returns. In addition to filing back tax returns I also help clients to arrange payment arrangements if they cannot full pay. Sometimes too I am able to negotiate a settlement for less than what the client owes. It is important to realize there are important decisions to make before you file all those back tax returns so that the amount you actually end up paying can be minimized. And ultimately my clients can see the light at the end of the tunnel that they could not see before the initial consultation. 

For a limited time, the rest of 2020, I am charging $500 for the initial consultation which I will apply to any work the client has me do for them. So the initial consultation is really free because you are paying a $500 retainer before the initial consultation for work I will do to help you resolve your back tax issues. The initial consultation fee also helps the client to move forward because they are less likely to continue to procrastinate further once they "have skin in the game" to the tune of $500. It also shows me you are serious about getting this done. After 2020 the initial consultation fee will go back to $1,000.

The information I provide is worth much more than the $500 because the client learns what strategy we will develop for their situation and they know what to expect and what I need from them to get this resolved and put it behind them so they can freely move forward in their lives. At the conclusion of the initial consultation we also schedule the next step or conversation, because, as you know, sometime is just code for never.

More than just filing back tax returns

This is about so much more than just preparing tax returns. There is a strategy that will be needed to minimize the tax paid or get favorable payment arrangements. In addition, someone who has procrastinated filing their returns and paying their taxes needs someone to help them move forward and keep moving forward. the CPA Superhero can be that person for you. So contact me at the beginning of the process to help you minimize the amount you will pay. Save yourself some time and money.

Clean Up the Past and Move Forward With a Clean Slate

Many of my new clients this year have been people who need to clean up the past to move forward. Some are starting a new business and need a clean record to apply for loans. Others are starting a new relationship or tired of worrying about their mate finding out about their back tax situation. Back taxes are past events that were not taken care of and they now live with you in present. It is time to put them in your past and move forward. 

Contact me today using my email address below to schedule an initial consultation. You will feel better that you took that first step and then even better after the initial consultation. Start now to remove that weight on your shoulders and get free to live your life.

The CPA Superhero


Be careful when reading about tax law and its application, including my articles, because the wording and definitions are such a challenge and are influenced by writers perspective, specifically his own clients situations that he is mindful of and other situations the writer is not thinking of. The point is talk to your CPA about your situation and circumstances and don't rely on or make conclusions based on articles you read, including articles form irs.gov, because concepts and definitions are not very clear, and of course, they are subject to change. Now is the time to be having discussions about your situation and developing strategies for you and your business. Again, contact me using my information above to discuss your situation. I help business owners all over the U.S. and in foreign countries with their tax returns.

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