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Jeff Haywood, CPA
The CPA Superhero

Jeff Haywood, CPA, aka The CPA Superhero, serves clients all over the world virtually, by means of sharing data electronically and communicating electronically. I provide IRS Representation, income tax preparation services, and business consulting

What makes me the CPA Superhero? 

Most of my clients are very successful, creative, drivers with a need for a collaborator with a stable viewpoint to help them deal with the ever challenging requirements or doing business in the ever changing world we live in. So in a "nutshell" I provide a balancing affect for successful entrepreneurs and I provide a service to help taxpayers with IRS issues.

While my main services include providing IRS representation (for working out payment arrangements), preparing income tax returns, and business consulting, the real value I provide manifests itself in the conversations I have with my clients and the relationships that we grow. My more successful clients choose to have more frequent communication with me throughout the year. In reality, there is a connection between the frequency of our communication and my clients' success. The more I communicate with my clients the more I can help them and the better job I can do preparing their tax returns and/or representing them before the IRS

So if you want help achieving success and dealing with the stresses that come from business issues and dealing with IRS issues, or investing in this crazy world today, then contact me, The CPA Superhero.


The CPA Superhero has an unusual background. I started out in the corporate world in a suit and tie much like Clark Kent. As a Financial Analyst I, like Superman, had rare abilities, working with company directors in various departments to help them understand their numbers, plan for the future, and develop investment proposals that would help the corporations succeed. Unlike typical accountants, much of my work involved communicating with the officers of the companies I worked for and making quarterly presentations at meetings of the corporate officers. My rare skill was not only understanding the accounting and the financial reports but also being able to communicate with and help non-financial people to set and reach goals.

In 2001 I switched to public accounting, providing IRS representation, preparing tax returns, and helping them with their accounting, but I am still working with clients to help them understand the numbers, plan for the future, and analyze and develop strategies to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.

Specialty Niches

I have a few specialty niches that I have developed and they are IRS Representation, tax returns that involve Expats, Cryptocurrency, Software/App Developers/Programmers, Restaurants, and Estate Income Tax Returns. I have also worked with oil and gas, and agriculture.  

Tax returns for Expats (U.S. persons residing in a foreign country) have very unique accounting and tax requirements that require a real specialization. My wife and I lived in Mexico for six years and I developed a competency for doing returns for individuals in the same circumstances and now have clients around the world

An increasing focus in my practice has become helping people get into compliance with filing their tax returns and dealing with IRS issues like back taxes. I learned years ago that people who have not filed returns in many years have a reason they have not filed and they experience a high level of anxiety. I understand and work with people to file years of back returns. This can especially be important for clients residing in foreign countries as their passport could be in jeopardy. Additionally now the IRS has stated it will send Agents to the homes of high income people who have not filed past tax returns. 

I have helped clients to not only get into compliance with filing tax returns but also to represent them before the IRS to negotiate a plan for paying their tax debts including Offer-In-Compromise, Installment Agreements, and uncollectible account status. So, if you are looking for help in one of these niches, contact me today using my contact information below to set up an appointment to discuss your situation.

Contact The CPA Superhero 

Feel free to email me today at to schedule an appointment to have an introductory conversation.

Jeff Haywood, CPA
The CPA Superhero

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